Day 85 Baby Light My Fire

Flower of the Illawarra flame tree

Flower of the Illawarra Flame Tree

Imagine a large tree in the rain forest with red flowers all over it – this is the Illawarra Flame Tree (Brachychiton acerifolius) so-called because they look like flames in the forest.

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Day 84 Do You Really Understand Freedom?

Wedgwood Figurine - Freedom and Equality

Wedgwood Figurine - Freedom and Equality

Do you really understand the meaning of Freedom? I find it hard to do this picture justice – especially as this was taken on the same day as our State election – an election where I was free to voice my opinion of the policies of the political parties and vote for the candidate of my choosing.

As a 50 year old, white middle class Australian in a challenging and rewarding job, I have never really felt that that my freedom has ever been at risk.

I grew up in a large family and my parents raised us well. We struggled through droughts and economic recessions but always managed to have food on the plate. We may have even feared that the bank would take our farm (and they did) but we certainly didn’t fear for our freedom.

I spent the evening with some friends who have a different story to tell. They tell of being raised by good parents in Hungary at the time of the 1956 Revolution – a country in what was the USSR.

They tell of the lack of freedoms and the daily risk to their life because the father refused to join the Communist Party. They told of how people would ‘disappear’.

They tell of how they risked their life in the pursuit of freedom.

They quietly tell of walking through the night to the escape over the border to freedom. It was no easy journey….

“On a number of occasions during that night we were shot at by the Russians and were forced to dive flat in the mud. We presumed that some of the starting party were shot and some deviated from the star. The Russians fired flare shells which lit up the country so that they could see and shoot us.”

Fortunately they made it safely over the border to freedom and eventually to Australia.

The Wedgwood figurine holds real significance to them – They understand the meaning of Freedom.

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Day 83 Light Me Up

closeup photo of a bank of LED lights

Light Me Up

Lights, Camera, Action! This is a closeup view of LED lights from my his DJ (Disc Jockey) gear.

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Day 82 A Sound Choice In Building Design

Interesting building design with ripples on outside of the building

A Sound Choice of Building Design

So… I was walking down the Queen Street Mall looking around at the building facades and went “Wow – Look at that one!”

Three faces of the building have these metal extrusions – a fairly common feature.

The difference here is that they have created a billowing effect as if the building was encased in a giant sheet that is being moved around in the breeze.

I am only guessing but expect that it has some sort of sound dispersion effect or at the very least protection from the sun – it is on the southern side of the building which (in the southern hemisphere) suggests to me that it is about sound as much as sunlight – Either way it looks great!

If you are in Brisbane, you can find the building in Albert Street on the Eastern side of the Queen Street Mall.


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Day 81 Street Art – Who Thinks This Stuff Up

Street Art on the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

Street Art on the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

Sometimes I just wonder “What were they thinking – Art for art’s sake?” or were they sitting down to a feed of Queensland mud crabs.



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Day 80 Please Remain Behind The Yellow Line

Ground Eye View of the Yellow Safety Dots on the Train Platform

Please Remain Behind The Yellow Line

Here is a different perspective of the yellow lines on the train platform.

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Day 79 For the Record … I Still Like My Christopher Cross Album

Close-up of a Christopher Cross Vinyl Record

For the Record ... I Still Like My Christopher Cross Album

Time gets away and I need to take photographs earlier in the day. For any young folk out there this is a photograph of a vinyl album.

This is how we got out music before those new-fangled compact discs and before dial-up internet came along.

There is a certain quality quaintness to the pops and hisses you get when listing to a record – not to mention the fun you can have when it gets scratched and repeats a section.

This one is the self titled ‘Christopher Cross’ which the price tag tells me cost the princely sum of $10.99 (Aussie Dollars). Worth ever cent and since bought on CD as well.


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Day 78 Fill the Hall With The Sound of Music

Old Museum Building

Old Museum Building - Home of the Queensland Youth Orchestras

The 2012 PPQ Concerts at Twilight series (sponsored by Personalised Plates Queensland) features Queensland Youth Orchestras (QYO) orchestras and ensembles and guest ensembles from Brisbane and regional Queensland, performing in the heritage-listed Old Museum Concert Hall.

Today the twilight concert featured the Pine River State High School Concert Band and gave my wife and I the opportunity to get out and see my son play the Euphonium in the full concert band. The were joined in the concert by the QYO Wind Ensemble.

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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Day 77 All set For A Rainy Weekend

Photograph of books and box of chocolates

All Set For A Rainy Weekend

It is raining again. Glad I went shopping yesterday and got some light reading.

Something for the brain, something for the heart and something for the taste buds – yum!

I finally got around to buying ‘The Land of the Painted Caves’. This is the last in the Earths Children series by Jean M Auel. She does such a wonderful job recreating the scenes from the stone age.

The other book is on software design patterns – not quite so much light reading but important for me to learn. IT is very much a lifelong learning – keep up or get left behind.

As for the Darryl Lee Chocolate Coated Ginger – my favorite!


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Day 76 Let Me Back Into MY House

Possum on the roof

Let Me Back Into MY House

Possums are very persistent little blighters. This cute little possum was living in our roof after finding a space in the barge boards (the timber on the ends of the roof) and making it big enough to squeeze through into the roof cavity.

Anyway, after a week of battles with me closing up the hole whilst he was out feeding and him removing the material and breaking in again, I thought I had won. I had even built him a nice new possum box to make up for chucking him out.

The last few nights he has been back chewing and scratching – trying to remove the board blocking hole and trying to make the hold bigger. I am confident the board will stay in place – fencing screw nails with do that but I think that the battle is not over just yet…..

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