Day 94 Changing a Light Bulb

Energex changing a light bulb on a streetlight

Energex Crew changing a light bulb on a streetlight

The Energex Crew were out early in the morning to change the bulb on the street lamp outside of my house.

The bulb has blown a few weeks ago and I had been meaning to ring and let them know – only trouble was I forgot by the time the were open in business hours the next day.

Finally I remembered and brought up their website – searched everywhere but could not find how to tell them about street light not working…. ┬átried the phone number …. ring during business hours…. aghhhhh.

Hang on, they have a Facebook page…. I will send a message via Facebook and “Hey presto!” the crew were out the morning after next to fix the light.

So here is the moral – If you are running a business or essential service – please make it easy for people to contact you … at the time they notice the problem!

As for the photo – it is fairly ordinary and yes they are my fingers reflecting on the inside of the window.



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