Day 84 Do You Really Understand Freedom?

Wedgwood Figurine - Freedom and Equality

Wedgwood Figurine - Freedom and Equality

Do you really understand the meaning of Freedom? I find it hard to do this picture justice – especially as this was taken on the same day as our State election – an election where I was free to voice my opinion of the policies of the political parties and vote for the candidate of my choosing.

As a 50 year old, white middle class Australian in a challenging and rewarding job, I have never really felt that that my freedom has ever been at risk.

I grew up in a large family and my parents raised us well. We struggled through droughts and economic recessions but always managed to have food on the plate. We may have even feared that the bank would take our farm (and they did) but we certainly didn’t fear for our freedom.

I spent the evening with some friends who have a different story to tell. They tell of being raised by good parents in Hungary at the time of the 1956 Revolution – a country in what was the USSR.

They tell of the lack of freedoms and the daily risk to their life because the father refused to join the Communist Party. They told of how people would ‘disappear’.

They tell of how they risked their life in the pursuit of freedom.

They quietly tell of walking through the night to the escape over the border to freedom. It was no easy journey….

“On a number of occasions during that night we were shot at by the Russians and were forced to dive flat in the mud. We presumed that some of the starting party were shot and some deviated from the star. The Russians fired flare shells which lit up the country so that they could see and shoot us.”

Fortunately they made it safely over the border to freedom and eventually to Australia.

The Wedgwood figurine holds real significance to them – They understand the meaning of Freedom.

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  1. Susan says:

    yes we whinge a lot about the quality of the governments we get but having the freedom to elect those governments sets us apart

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