Day 82 A Sound Choice In Building Design

Interesting building design with ripples on outside of the building

A Sound Choice of Building Design

So… I was walking down the Queen Street Mall looking around at the building facades and went “Wow – Look at that one!”

Three faces of the building have these metal extrusions – a fairly common feature.

The difference here is that they have created a billowing effect as if the building was encased in a giant sheet that is being moved around in the breeze.

I am only guessing but expect that it has some sort of sound dispersion effect or at the very least protection from the sun Рit is on the southern side of the building which (in the southern hemisphere) suggests to me that it is about sound as much as sunlight РEither way it looks great!

If you are in Brisbane, you can find the building in Albert Street on the Eastern side of the Queen Street Mall.


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