Day 75 Sombre Reminder Of Lives Lost

Yellow Crosses Symbolize The 269 People Who Lost Their Lives on Qld Roads

A Sombre Reminder of the 269 People Who Lost Their Lives on Qld Roads in 2011

Today’s picture is sombre reminder of the 269 people who lost their lives on Queensland roads during 2011.

The RACQ placed each of the 269 yellow crosses in King George Square to draw attention to their Motoring Matters road safety campaign. Each cross represents a life lost on Queensland roads in 2011. This is a very powerful message.

Imagine yourself standing in front of the display.

Now imagine that there is a person standing in the place of each cross.

Now realize that this just represents the people that died on the roads – what about the ones that were seriously injured and are still recovering from those injuries.

What about the people who were seriously injured but will never recover from their injuries – their lives have been changed forever.

Remember, these people were not hermits living in isolation.

Each of those people killed or injured are all members of someone’s immediate family. They are someone’s work mate, their neighbor, their friend, their mum or dad or son or daughter or brother or sister – they are all loved by someone.

The RACQ says that the financial cost of road crashes to the Queensland economy is $4 billion. The human cost cannot be calculated.

My thoughts go out to those who lost loved ones or been affected by these terrible road tragedies. Sadly we have lost another 43 people to road deaths already this year.

Find out more about the RACQ Motoring Matters campaign.

Most of all – Be Safe on the Roads



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  1. Susan says:

    If this only saves one life…tragic

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