Day 71 Get Me A Picture Of A Frog Kite And Hop To It

Blue Frog Kite

Get Me A Picture Of A Frog Kite And Hop To It

It was a bright sunny day a Pelican Park Clontarf and they said I wouldn’t get any good photos of the kites.

This one seems to be fine and is exactly as taken without cropping or color enhancement. It was just compressed for web viewing. 

My wife and I had a great day vising the Redcliffe Peninsula today. After spending time at the Redcliffe markets and a nice lunch we decided to go for a drive. We normally go down towards Scarborough but today we decided to head towards Woody Point on the southern end of the peninsula. I was a nice change and we were delighted to come across a skyline filled with colorful kites. Redcliffe Kite Club were out with lots of kites in the sky.

I discovered it is difficult to take picture of kites with the afternoon sun behind them – too much back lighting – not helped that the guy running the camera doesn’t know what he is doing – he just has a very smart camera.

Hope you enjoy the frog kite – Hop along on MAY 19th & 20th for  REDCLIFFE KITEFEST 2012


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5 Responses to Day 71 Get Me A Picture Of A Frog Kite And Hop To It

  1. Donna Bird says:

    Thats a brilliant photo. love it x

  2. I would never be able to get a photo like that – nice one!

  3. Amazing photo, love that kite too, makes ours look a tad dull!

  4. TheBoyandMe says:

    Gorgeous shot, love the colour of the sky enhanced with the kite.

    Thanks for linking up

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