Day 66 Get To Your Point

Sharp Points on the Security Fence outside Customs House Brisbane

Sharp points on the security fence . Customs House, Queen Street Brisbane, Australia

Customs House in Brisbane has an imposing security fence that is topped with sharp points. This is a remarkable building and well worth a visit if you are wandering around the northern end of the Brisbane CBD. Take a walk down the side and get some great views of the river and  across to the Storey Bridge.

Customs House, one of Brisbane’s heritage icons, is located on the river in the CBD. It is owned and operated by The University of Queensland as a cultural, educational and heritage facility.


Public areas of Customs House are limited but are open to the public. As you absorb the history, style and grandeur of the building, your every sense will be stimulated by a presence of the past. As a visitor for business, education, music, art, entertainment, or as a curious sightseer, you will enjoy the splendour of this magnificent building’s origins.

Free guided tours operate on UQ concert days.



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3 Responses to Day 66 Get To Your Point

  1. Susan says:

    So many times today I have wished either
    1) people would get to their point
    2) I was legally allowed to impale them
    Neither happened.

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