Day 61 A Pleasant Surprise in the Mailbox

A Pleasant Surprise in the Mailbox - "7 Shouts" from Bent Banana Books

A Pleasant Surprise in the Mailbox - 7 Shouts from Bent Banana Books

“Some days are diamonds and some days are stone” so the song goes… Yes, I know that I am showing my age by making references to John Denver songs but it just popped into my head as I was starting the sentence.

Well this morning started a bit like a stone or maybe a rough cut diamond. Staying up to 1AM the previous night probably doesn’t help – but that is another story.

Anyway, it is funny how the smallest things can brighten your day and a lot of the reason I started this Project 365 photo blog.

I had ‘Liked’ a local writer/publisher Bent Banana Books on Facebook and today won a book ‘7 Shouts’ as a bonus second prize. (First prize was a Tee shirt so I think I got the best prize – for me anyway.)

‘7 Shouts’ is a fine collection of the best ‘My Shout’ columns by local Pine Rivers journalist Bernie Dowling. The columns have been a regular feature in the Northern Times newspaper for many years.

Being a local, and a nice guy, Bernie dropped the book straght into my letterbox – how is that for service!

This evening I have been flipping through the book and laughing at all the funny stories. Bernie is a long time resident of Pine Rivers and his passion and pride in the area is there for all to see. His tales of growing veggies for the Pine River Show bring a smile – I can remember reading these columns in the local paper. 

He has a knack of using his own adventures to promote local community events and deserving causes. Couple this with the literary jousting with readers over the finer points of grammar (they would have a field day with this post) and you have a collection of short stories that can be read over and over.

It is all done in his own irreverent style of humor and with a passion for showing the funny side to the crazy world in which we live.

Don’t think for a moment that you have be a Pine Rivers local to appreciate the humor – I think that everyone will enjoy ‘7 Shouts’ – even Brisbane readers will enjoy this book.

Just don’t even suggest that Bernie Dowling is a ‘Brisbane’ journalist – Why, you will just have to read the book to find out…

Anyway, this little book has already brought me laughter – much more so than the electricity bill and political leaflets that shared it’s little mailbox today.

Thanks Bernie, I am sure this will bring some more relief on the train in the coming weeks.

By the way, he is promising more prizes from Bent Banana Books – see Facebook and Twitter feeds.




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4 Responses to Day 61 A Pleasant Surprise in the Mailbox

  1. Thanks for making 7 Shouts the photo of the day. Yours is a clever idea for a blog. The photo came up well and that is due to graphic artist Daniel Anderson who renedered the cover and book cartoons. Glad you mentioned my obsession with Pine Rivers not being part of Brisbane. It is a world-wide phenomenon to re-define reality in terms of capital cities.

    • Tony Koch says:

      Thanks Bernie
      I cannot take credit for the Project 365 photo blog concept – I just followed in the steps of a popular worldwide movement that was brought to my attention by Susan Hetherington who has also commented on this post. Susan does some really interesting photography and commentary. It well worth the visit to her blog.

  2. Susan says:

    The day when the mailbox contains no bills is a happy day. This looks very happy indeed

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