Day 57 Time Flies Like A March Fly

March Fly on Leaf

Time Flies Like A March Fly

Wow. It is almost the end of February – Time flies like this March Fly who was buzzing around and trying to bite me! Luckily, I saw him first and managed to avoid it.

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6 Responses to Day 57 Time Flies Like A March Fly

  1. Susan says:

    While I hate flies, that is fabulous

  2. Oooh, good shot! How did you get in so close?

    • Tony Koch says:

      Thanks Emily for dropping by to comment on the fly.
      I think that I was just incredibly lucky to get so close without it flying way.

      I was actually trying to get photos of a ladybird on the same bush then noticed the march fly so took a chance and it all turned out great. (Shots of ladybird didn’t)

      I managed to get three shots in all – getting closer each time fully expecting it to buzz off before I was ready – this was the last and I just cropped the sides to change it from landscape to portrait view shown above.

  3. TheBoyandMe says:

    Wow, that is an amazing shot! I can’t believe the detail on him. Are they very painful bites?

    Thanks for linking up to #Project366

    • Tony Koch says:

      Don’t worry – I am as surprised as you.

      The March Flies here tend to sneak up and the first you know about them is the painful bite – usually on the legs.

      It is not that bad and pain is gone in a moment or two but you do know that you have been bitten!

      Glad to say my renewed interest in photography and the world around me has been inspired by the #Project366 – Thanks.

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