Day 56 Shredded Reputations – All that Remains (26 February 2012)

Shredded Reputations

Shredded Reputations - All that remains after the fight between Kevin and Julia

I am getting the impression from watching the really messy political fight for leadership of the parliamentary Australian Labor Party (and potentially Prime Minister of Australia) that all that will remain will be the shredded reputations of those involved.

‘A rising tide may lift all ships’ but this vicious and dirty political fight is doing nothing for the confidence of voters in their elected representatives.

Sadly, it sullies the reputation of those members who really do have Australia’s best interests at heart.

Don’t worry – I will stick to nature photography in the future.

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One Response to Day 56 Shredded Reputations – All that Remains (26 February 2012)

  1. Susan says:

    Hard to believe that these guys are
    1) on the same team and
    2) intending to work together after Monday
    If these are your friends…..

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